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Ryan McElhinney, Certified Arborist, and Owner of Adirondack Arborists knows what to look for when considering whether or not you need a professional tree removal service in Rochester, NY.  He also understands that many people do not know the warning signs that would mandate tree removal in order to ensure a safe yard for your Rochester home.  Please look at the following warning signs to determine if you need professional tree removal service ASAP:

  • The presence of dead, dying, or diseased trees or tree limbs which may be caused by age, disease, insects, or infestations.
  • Trees or limbs too close to, or touching, a building, roof, or power lines near your home.
  • New construction, surrounding trees may mandate tree removal.
  • Storm damaged trees caused by a recent storm such as a lightning strike or strong winds.
  • Signs of decay, cavities, cracks, or splits in the trunk or branches of a tree.
  • Signs or presence of fungal fruiting bodies on trunks or branches.
  • Leaves falling out of season or flower production that isn't occuring anymore.
  • Swollen areas at the base of the trunk can be a key indicator of a major issue with a tree that requires professional attention.

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    There are many reasons you may need a professional tree removal company in Rochester, and only the most common are listed above.  For the protection of your residential property and your family, if you see a tree with any of the warning signs above call a qualified and professional Tree Removal Expert from Adirondack Arborists immediately.  With our 15+ Years of experience, we can handle any problem and diagnose your problems quickly and for free! 


    Tree Removal in Rochester is especially necessary if a tree is dead, dying, blocking the way of new construction, or blocking light that you would love to receive in your home or in your garden.  Adirondack Arborists offers a custom approach to tree removal that is safe and affordable. Our experience guarantees your tree project will be done safely and expertly!

Ryan McElhinney, Owner & Certified Arborist

Member of the National Arborists Association

Fully Insured, Liability & Workman's Compensation

Serving: Penfield, Fairport, Pittsford, Perinton, Webster, Irondequoit, Rochester, Brighton, Henrietta, Victor, Bushnell's Basin, Canandaigua, Mendon, Honeoye & Honeoye Falls and more....

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